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The Dance Summer School wouldn't be complete without our fantastic team of Chaperones!


We are unique in providing Chaperones on duty 24/7 to ensure our participants highest level of safety at all times (All are DBS checked).


Our chaperones are all dance enthusiasts, many of whom are currently training at or are graduates from top vocational dance colleges in the UK. We also have dance teachers who chaperone for us, and many have been a part of The Dance Summer School for several years!


Head of Chaperones & Assistant to Mr Martinez (Director) is the fantastic (& very energetic) Ms Julie Sinclair!  She does not only manages our team of Chaperones to ensure you have the best time possible with us, she also helps out with our transfer service - You might meet her first on arrival at the airport!!


Our priority is that you have the best possible experience with us, and our Chaperones are a large part of making that happen!

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