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Student's Course

The Dance Summer School has been created for male and female students who have attended Ballet classes under any Ballet technique: Russian, Cuban, French, English, etc. and who are at least 10 years old, as well as for intermediate/advanced and vocational students and young teachers. (Our event is not suitable for beginners).


Our aim is to provide one week of dance classes, under the supervision of teachers of recognized excellence in the areas of:


Classical Ballet 

Technique (week 1 & 2)



Technique, contact & improvisation 



Technique, varied styles (eg. Musical Theatre, Hip-hop, lyrical) 


These classes will offer our participants the opportunity to build on the knowledge and technique acquired in their own dance school while being challenged by new teachers.


We will be encouraging them to increase their technical proficiency, their artistic skills and their understanding of their bodies. This development will be helped by dancing with and watching their new teachers and peers from around the world.


Our target is not the preparation of a performance for the end of the course; instead, we are looking to provide a learning experience in the training process of our participants.


In addition to the daily lessons, there will be a meeting between the pupils with intermediate/advanced profiles and those with vocational aspirations and our Faculty. The students will have the opportunity to learn about dance as a career, receiving commentaries and experiences on life as a professional dancer or dance teacher from the Faculty. They will have the opportunity to ask about professional dance schools and colleges in the UK, to ask what our staff look for when they run auditions at these colleges, to ask about job opportunities and to extend their general knowledge about becoming a professional dancer and dance teacher. Our high profile faculty from London are all ex-professional dancers who are now teaching the next generation of dancers at professional schools, while still working in the profession, teaching and choreographing.


Dance Summer School
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