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In this page you can read some of the many comments we have received from our participants in previous years.

names has been changed to protect our participants' privacy



"Dear Mr Martinez,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

We are back home safe and sound and 

I would like to thank you once again, for the wonderful experience we had with you. Everything was great and the girls were thrilled. 

It is something that we will definitely consider in the future again.

Honestly, it was great......"

From Greece

"Dear Eduardo,

I hope the second week of dance camp in Perth went well. Emily certainly enjoyed her time with you during the first week......."

From Scotland

"Dear Mr. Martinez,

I hope this email finds you well. On behalf of the girls' parents and myself I would like to thank you for your great organization in this year's summer dance camp....."


From Greece


" Thank you so much for your email and for organising a wonderful summer school.


A...... had an amazing time and already talking about returning next year......."

From Ireland

"Hello Eduardo,  S..... has a fabulous time at The Summer School.....

From Ireland

" Hi Eduardo,

Hope you are well.


Sophie really enjoyed the Summer school. Please find attached the forms for Sophie to join the Morea Associates Programme...."

From Scotland


"A....... Had a great time at the summer school and would be keen to go next summer I’m sure....."

From Ireland

"Good Afternoon,

Thank you very much for arranging the Dance Summer School  my daughter had a superb time and felt safe with all the relevant protocols in place. She is already planning to return Summer 2022.

From Scotland

"Good evening.........many thanks once again she absolutely loved the summer school."

From Dundee, Scotland

......She had a fabulous week from start to finish, made a whole new set of friends and can’t wait to see them all again during the associate program. I think musical theatre was her favourite. 

I’m quite sure she’ll be back next year. 

Thank you to all the dance teachers, chaperones and organisers for making it such a special week........

From Glasgow, Scotland

2020  (online version of the summer school)



... would like to say thank you very much for the online sessions... 


As much as he would have loved to be there in person he really enjoyed the online classes. 


Thank you again..."

From Glasgow, Scotland

"K... & I would like express our thanks for an amazing summer school.
K.... has loved every single class, & hopefully will be able to work again with you guys in the future x"

From Cheltenham, England



Madison is really enjoying the summer school and yes it is a different experience but nevertheless it seems to be working well.


Let’s hope things return to normal for next year. 



From Scotland

"Just to let you know how much my daughter Sophie Mc is enjoying the Zoom classes this week organised by the Dance Summer School. The level of instruction and variety has been fantastic, and she comes out full of energy and enthusiasm. If you plan to host further classes later this year, either by Zoom or by live class in Scotland, she would be interested in attending. 


Thanks again, and well done..."

From Scotland


Estimado Eduardo,

No había tenido tiempo de daros las gracias, y contaros las conclusiones sobre la escuela de verano, en vuestro maravilloso kilgraston.

Quiero que sepas, que los niños y los adolescentes estaban felices y encantados, tanto por las clases, por la escuela, como por el trato recibido.

En fin, todo en general.

Por extensión, los padres, también muy contentos de ver a sus hijos.

Lo hacéis muy bien, se nota que tenéis mucha experiencia.

Algunos, ya están añorando vuestra escuela, sobretodo los profesores: el de contemporáneo, y especialmente , una profesora de jazz, la que recuerdan con mucho cariño, y por la que quedaron impresionados con sus clases.

En general fue una experiencia maravillosa.

Os damos las gracias a todos , y os mandamos un fuerte abrazo.

From Spain

"....A...... really enjoyed the summer school and enjoyed working with you...."

From Italy

".....I have good feedback from my girls, they seem very happy and are enjoying themselves...."

From Edinburgh, Scotland

".....G.... had an amazing time at the Dance summer school....."

From York, England

"....aprovecho para decirte que están todos los niños felices, que la experiencia ha sido maravillosa, los padres sólo han oído que cosas buenas de todos vosotros. Estoy feliz!! Repetiremos. Un fuerte abrazo y mil gracias por toda tu ayuda! "

From Spain

"Dear Mr Martinez,


Hope this finds you well.  Just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing Summer School, M.... and her friends had a fantastic time.  

Everyday I picked them up, they were full of enthusiasm and excitement to tell me about the classes and the amazing teachers and the friends they had made.

What a fantastic opportunity for our dancers and one I will be highly recommending to others.

Enjoy week two and many thanks!

Kindest Regards



From Glasgow, Scotland


Dear Mr Martinez,

I wanted to thank you and Ms Morea again for a wonderful week on behalf of A.... for all you both and the other dancer teachers did for her. 

I saw a very happy girl after.

She did happen to mention to me that you had made a comment to her about a kind of invite to your London college in the future?

Is this correct ?

Kindest regards 

Ms M....."


Dear Eduardo,

I just wanted to say thanks very much– C.... had a great time again at the Dance Summer School – thanks for all your help.

We are making a few plans for next summer and I know that C.... will be keen to come back to the summer school.  Do you happen to know the dates for 2019 so that I can put them in my diary?

Thanks very much! 

All the best.



"Good evening,


.....Thank you again for a really enjoyable experience, H.... thoroughly enjoyed her week once again and always comments on how excellent the teaching is. 






I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your fabulous staff for the fabulous week L.... had last week a your summer school, she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  It was nice for her to be able to experience a whole new range of teachers, ideas and styles of dance, she particularly enjoyed the African classes and really spoke very highly of the ballet teacher and her classes.


Thank you again and hopefully we shall see you again one year.


Kind regards....."


"Dear Ed and Katie,


As always it's been a huge privilege and pleasure working with you this week. 

I didn't get a chance to mention that throughout the week there were moments where I got a little emotional just watching how happy everybody was! And that's the magic that you both have created. From the classes to the activities to the residential experience the kids not only learn so much but they can exspress themselves freely and just have the time of their lives. 


Ontop of this it's so refreshing watching you both work inside and out of the classroom. We all know you have a huge passion and talent for dance, but what I always take away from the summer school is how empowering, inspiring and caring you are. I leave willing to work better and harder and most importantly with more self confidence. 


Thank you for having me back. And thank you for being a valuable mentor in my life. 


I have no doubt this following week will go well 

And I wish the summer school all the best for its upcoming years. 


Lots of love ...."


"Hello Eduardo 


I just want to thank you and everyone who made ...... just have the best week.  She had a absolutely fantastic time and wanted to stay for week 2. 


Do you know what weeks you will be running this nexyear. Just making sure we mark the calendar off for the 2 weeks


Have a lovely weekend


Best wishes"



"Dear Mr Martinez,

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you and your team for the fantastic week the girls from the ..... Studios had. They chatted all the way home (8 hours on the train) about all the classes they had enjoyed, the evening activities and generally how wonderful it all was. I suspected they were having a great time given the lack of communication with home!........... I know it’s an experience they’ll never forget.

On a personal note I also want to thank you for what you’ve done for Ellie! She was feeling down on herself when she went, having just missed out on a place at Elmhurst Ballet school at a last minute audition in June. A week under the watchful eye of you all (but Mr Wilson in particular) has re-ignited the flame in her. She has been a delight since she got home, so positive, upbeat and 100% motivated again…it’s so nice to have the Ellie of old back! The awards you gave her has made her feel much more confident and the cherry on the top of a brilliant week. Thank you so much!"


From England


"Dear Eduardo,
Phoebe and Chloe had a fabulous time this week. Thank you and the whole team for looking after my girls so well and providing them with such excellent dancing opportunities.
Best wishes and many thanks."


From Northern Ireland


"Dear Mr Martinez

I have returned home safe and I address you this E-mail in order to thank you for your excellent hospitallity. I had 15 wonderful days thanks to your organization, high quality of the services provided by you and your staff and your friendly and kind manners."


From Greece


"Hello Mr Martinez,


after all travel adventures (the first flight delayed, the second was cancelled, baggage lost, flight changed to train :)) Gemma is finally at home.

She had great time in TDSS, everything was super organized with a lot of love and joy.


Thank you very much, many thank to all teachers and chaperones."


From Germany



"Rose had an amazing time and experience. By Tuesday she asked if she could go again next year and by Thursday she asked if she could go for both weeks.

A great testimony to her fantastic experience which was clearly not only about being with others and making friends, but fulfilling her passion for dancing."

From England


"Taking this opportunity, I would like to sincerely thank you and Mrs Morea for your excellent organization and hospitality. From what I hear... it will be difficult to leave the school on Saturday.

God willing, we will be back next year! Please also extend my warmest thanks to Ms Sophie (chaperone) and your lovely dance team who have made this a memorable experience for my child.


From Greece


"Please accept our thanks to you and everyone involved with The Summer Dance School for looking after Rosie and Hannah.

It is lovely to hear all about the girls classes, conversations and fun they had over the week.

Hannah is thrilled with her commendation, and Rosie with her light up unicorn - what excitement that caused!!!!..."


From Scotland



I would just like to send a little note to thank you all for giving Emily the opportunity to be apart of your dance school 2016.

She has had an amazing week and I'm so proud of her how she's coped being away from home for the first time ( apart from grandparents).

Every night she called me to tell me about her day and it was so reassuring to hear a very happy and buzzing girl! What a truly wonderful time she had!!!

Can't thank you and the whole team enough!!!

See you next year!!"


From Aberdeen


"Hello! I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that the dance summer school was an amazing experience for me, and I will gladly participate again! I would also like to thank you for the commendation, and let you know that it is really appreciated. I hope I will be able to work again with all of the amazing people I met, and I wish you will continue spreading smiles!"


From Greece


"Dear Mr Martinez.


I just wanted to say a very belated thank you for such a wonderful experience that my daughter, Millie, had for the 2nd week of the dance summer school. She loved every minute & has come back focused & inspired. 

You all work so hard to give such a wide range of experiences, from each tutor to each chaperone & everyone in between, you are phenomenal."

From Scotland



Dear Eduardo
As the summer goes to the end and the new school year is very close to start, let me take that chance to wish you and Katie the very best for all the new things that you have schedule and every success to everything you are about to work on.

The summer time was  enjoyable for all of us and especially was very constructive for both Maria and Kostas thanks to the Dance Summer School. Me and my husband would like to thank you for everything you have done for our students,.... thank you for taking such a good care of Kostas, while ill..... he felt with you, as you were a very close relative ..."


From Greece


"As per my FB post/your response I would like to put down Anna’s name for week 1 (July 24 to 30th) of next year’s summer school.


She enjoyed herself after a rocky first night and loved everything she learnt!! It was wonderful that she received a commendation..."


From Northern Ireland


"Good evening,

Firstly can I thank you for having Sam at this years summer school. It was her first year and had an amazing time to the point she hasn't stopped talking about it!!

To that end we would like to register for the 2016 summer school and it would appear that my arm has been twisted for her to come for both weeks if she can!?......"

From England

"Dear Eduardo,

Thank you again for an amazing week at The Dance Summer School this year, I had such a good time....."


From Scotland



"One of the most rewarding things Anna has ever done, now as we await auditions she is refering to Pirouette and Dance Summer school for all the tips she has received over the past few years. She hopes to be a chaperone and Degree student on Summer schools in a couple of years..."


From Leicester, UK



"Dear Mr Martinez
Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you very much for looking after my daughter, Ella so well during the summer school. Although Ella found it hard to be away from her family for the first couple of days, she had a great time in the classes and has gained a lot from the whole experience.
Please pass on my thanks to all the chaperones and Ms. Morea for all their hard work. Hopefully, Ella will be able to return on another occasion..."



From Kent, UK



"Dear Katie and Eduardo 


I would just like to say thank you for such a wonderful week at summer school,I enjoyed all the classes and definitely learnt a lot that will help in my current classes and in the future.  It was great to make new friends with other students, chaperones and teachers who were all great.

I would definitely love to the dance summer school again.


Many thanks 

Kind regards...."


From the Isle of Jersey, UK





Thank you so much for having Sophie again this year.

Sophie is one very happy, very lucky and very excited little girl!

This photo says it all....


Sophie loved every class, every dance, and every person she met!

I know this because she spoke for a full 50 minute journey about kilgraston without stopping.....

Had a 5 minute break, and then getting back to kilgraston then.

It is lovely to hear about the fab time she has had.


The saving for next year has started already, with £4.00 firmly in her piggy bank!!

She is very keen to stay residential, so she doesnt have to leave early!!


Thanks again"


From Scotland



"Dear Mr Martinez

 ......may we congratulate you on your appointment and thank you and your wonderful team again for giving Laura an enjoyable week at the Summer School. She had a fantastic time and really enjoyed learning from so many great Tutors.


Thank you again"


From Scotland





I would just like to say a big Thank You to everyone at The Dance Summer School. My son, John, was on week 1 and had a fabulous time...."


From Southampton, UK




"Hi Eduardo


Thank you for a wonderful experience.  Carol had a fantastic time and would love to return week beginning the 2nd of August 2015...."


From Scotland



"Dear Eduardo, can"t imagine how helpful and rewarding was that experience for Sofia. Me and Alexander can't thank you enough for the opportunity  you gave to her and she is looking forward to be with you next year.


Also, the Dance Summer School was a helpful and great experience for Alessandro. As he said it was an one-life experience that it made him change his point of view for dance in the most possible positive way. As he said : <<That week was a trip that opened-up  new horizones>>... and I couldn't agree more ......

Send our love to Katie ,hope to see you soon in Greece..."


From Greece



"Dear Eduardo,
A big thank you for everything you did and all involved in last weeks dance school at Kilgraston!
Sarah had a fantastic week and I appreciate the efforts involved to ensure each and every child is cared and catered for.
The teaching staff are so passionate and enthusiastic and it certainly is an experience Sarah wishes to do again and again...."


From the Scotland


"Dear Katie and Ed,

Thank you for giving our little girl a chance to live her dream....."


From the Isle of Wight UK


Dear katie and Eduardo,

"What makes life better gives a taste to your day, brings sparkles in your eyes?....most of days is my cooking! but this week it was you!! You made everybody's lives more beautiful!..."


From Republic of Ireland






“Dear Eduardo,

I just want you to know that my daughter Lucia had a great time on the camp – absolutely fantastic. I send my thanks and appreciations to you and everyone else involved...I had no previous knowledge or experience of where to send her...from the first contacts and information to the final day everything was just perfect for us...Lucia had a great time and my wife could tell me how well organized everything seemed to be from the short time she spent when she dropped off and picked up Lucia from the camp. I want you to know that we will be happy to be used as references or in any way to recommend the Summer Dance School...She has grown with it already in many ways and unless there would be any great changes in our lives you can count on Lucia returning to the Summer Dance School next summer!"


From Norway



"Dear Mr.Martinez and Ms.Morea!

I would like to thank you for The Dance Summer School! It was great! ….You and your faculty are very professional and creative people! Now I miss you very much!...... I've told teachers in my University and my friends about you, about your methods of teaching and about your wonderful organisation of school…… I was really happy to visit The Dance Summer School! So, thank you for my unforgettable summer!!!!! With kind regards..."


From Russia



 “Eduardo / Katie and all the team,

I just wanted to thank-you all so much for the fun, learning experience and care that Sarah received last week at the Dance Summer School.  She was so young to be away from home at only 10 but received the best care from the chaperones and all the staff I could have wished for. She loved every class, the beautiful facilities and the amazing entertainment programme, so from beginning to end I think you provide the children with the most amazing time ever. The passion in all the staff we met was absolutely amazing and has certainly increased Sarah desire to dance more and experience more opportunities like this. I know that Sarah will be returning to the Dance Summer School and wish to thank you all again for the best week of dance she has ever had. 

Many thanks”


From the UK



“Dear Mr Martinez, 


I would just like to add my own thanks to you for all your care and compassion towards Laura throughout summer school. It has been a really positive experience for her and she is a much happier child for having been. Receiving the Gray Award was amazing and it has really boosted her confidence in herself and she is ready to take on new challenges to help her achieve her aims. This would not have happened without the Dance Summer School.Both Peter and Laura are already talking about next year and looking forward to seeing all their friends again and making new ones. 

Many thanks"


From the UK




 Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fabulous week at Kilgraston. Ellie had not been to the summer school before but she loved every minute of the week! We were so lucky that she was able to be part of such a special event only 10 minutes from home. Thank you to you and to all the teachers for their time energy and enthusiasm!  

Kind regards,”


From the UK



“Hi Eduardo and Katie,  

Thank you so much for the fantastic week Sadie has experienced with you, Katie and all your fantastic dance teachers. She loved every minute and after watching today at the parents open day, I was very, very impressed with the pupils, teachers and of course yourself and Katie. She has met some amazing people from all over the world and has made new friends.  Sadir will definitely be back next year. I know you are all extremely busy but when is the earliest I can register Sadie for next summer? She will be going the 2nd week again. I think also her little sister might go as well. I hope you have a lovely summer and will see you all next year!  Keep up the fantastic work!  Many thanks”


From the UK






“Just wanted to email to thankyou for a fantastic week had by Ron, he enjoyed every minute of it and wishes he could do that every week of his life.Thank you”


From the UK



“Hi Eduardo, Katie and Team.

Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for the lovely morning we had yesterday viewing everyone's hard work at this year's summer school. The students looked great and it was an absolute pleasure to see them in class.Rosie had a great week. You all must be absolutely exhausted, hope a week break is on the cards  !!!!! It's well deserved. 

Many thanks again for everyone's hard work. Kindest regards" 


From the UK



Dear Eduardo,

Just a quick - late - email to confirm that Katie arrived home safe and sound, and totally blown-away by the two weeks she just spent with you all in Scotland. She had a wonderful time, learned loads and really appreciated all the work you put in to organising the event. Everything was way beyond her expectations.Thank you so much for looking after her and all the other participants. And hopefully she will see you again next summer.Best wishes” 


From The Republic of Ireland






“Dear Eduardo,

I’m sorry not to have got in touch earlier, but we have been away for much of the summer and I am now opening the school for the new academic year. However, I have been meaning to write since Daniela came back from the Summer school just to thank you and all the staff for giving her such a valuable and rewarding experience.

It was a first time for her from many points of view, but she came back from the experience absolutely full of positive things to say about the school, the experience, the people and even about herself.

She made friends, learned a lot from the dance classes, figured out a lot about herself in relationship to dance, spoke English and did it all off her own back. All of this was exactly what we were looking for as a family when we adventured onto internet in search of an experience for her, and so I am really delighted the way things have gone. Daniela is also very keen to come back next year, so we will be getting in touch in the new year.

Thank you again and pass on my compliments to all the staff. Kind regards”





“Dear Eduardo,

Thank you so much for giving Lucy another wonderful week at dance school. She, as ever, had a wonderful time & learnt so much as well as making lots of new friends.I was wondering if you could let me know which weeks you are doing the summer school next year.

I look forward to hearing from you.Very best wishes.”


From the UK



“Dear Katie & Eduardo,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both & all your team for giving Emma an amazing week with you, she absolutely loved every single minute especially Ballet with Mr Wilson & Mexican dance, she has already said she would love to return next year. She found the audition classes very informative & is now even more determined to audition for a dance college when her time comes, Keep up the good work you all give so much.

Thank you again“


From the UK



“Dear Eduardo,

A big hug to you and to all the faculty of the Dance Summer School from me and my students! We had a fantastic time in Edinburgh, we learnt a lot and we are looking forwards to come again next summer. We really appreciate the high standard of the lessons as well as the perfect way of organizing everything!!!

Thank you for everything.” 


From Greece






“Dear Katie and Eduardo,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful week of dance.  I have come home all inspired and raring to go! Each teacher brought different elements to their class and it was so nice to see all the pupils improving each day and also watching how much they enjoyed each class.  It really was superb and I can't speak highly enough about it...I am so grateful to you all and I will definitely be back next year and hopefully be able to bring students too. Kind regards"


From the UK 



“Eduardo Martinez y Katie Morea,

(Eduardo, nos gustaria que le traducieras tambien a Ms.Morea, ya que os escribimos en Español para poder expresarnos mejor)

El último dia del Summer School, no nos pudimos despedir de vosotros, y por eso os escribimos este email para deciros que hemos disfrutado mucho durante estos dias. Hemos estado muy a gusto con todos ustedes, y lo hemos pasado muy bien tanto en las clases, como en el entretenimiento y con toda la gente. Ha sido una experiencia muy bonita que nos gustaria repetir el año que viene, y no duden que lo recomendaremos a nuestras compañeras de danza.Muchas gracias por todo una vez más y que pasen unas buenas vacaciones.”


From Spain



“Hi Katie and Eduardo, Just wanted to say a very big thank you once again from Sophie and Laura for a fantastic week of dance. They have had an absolute ball, and have clearly learnt so much. The transformation in Laura was amazing - she started the school never having done ballet and by the end of the week looked like she had been doing it for years! She now wants to pursue ballet so thank you and well done! Hannah particularly enjoyed the contemporary and contact, and both of the girls loved the folk. The parents wanted to see the folk dancing -so next year Eduardo! Thank you once again! 


Best wishes, Sophie and Laura Smith and Ali and Jon (their grateful parents!) 

PS Please do pass on our sincere thanks to all the chaperones who were clearly a very big hit!” 



From the UK



“Dear Katie and Eduardo,

Caitlin had a wonderful time at The Dance Summer School and is already looking forward to coming next year! We were very impressed with her progress in dance and confidence, a changed child. All her usual dance teachers who came down to watch the end of week performance were also very impressed. The venue was perfect, clean and comfortable, so much more pleasant than last summer.  I hope you are able to use Kilgraston next year. Thank you to you both, all the faculty and chaperones for making her week with you, the highlight of her summer. I wish you both a restful summer till term starts! 

Kind regards”


From the UK





“Dear Eduardo and Katie, 

Many thanks from myself and the girls for a wonderful summer school! We were particularly excited about Nikoletta winning a place for next year. I hope you both enjoy the rest of the summer and have a well deserved rest. Thanks again.”



From Greece

“Dear Eduardo and Katie,

I hope you are both good. I wanted just to send my love and wish to Eduardo good luck with his exams in September. Everybody in Spirit of Dance had a fantastic time at Summer School and we are talking about you everyday. As our holidays finished will be in contact as schools are opening.


With love Mary 

Best regards, “and thank you very much” this is for Eduardo…”



From Greece






“To Ms Morea and Eduardo,

Thank you so much for having me in the dance summer school... I thought that for you first year of hosting the summer school it was fantastic! I really enjoyed staying for the week! The accommodation was great and the scenery was amazing...I didn't like the early morning (hah I don't like early mornings) but I was willing to get up because I really enjoyed the day.... I really liked the classes I really liked Andrew Wilson's class...I really enjoyed the other classes and the contact was really great because I hadn't done anything like it before and I really enjoyed all of the other classes too and I really liked the teachers and I would hope if I come back that some of them would be there..The other things I really enjoyed was that we got to meet so many people from other countries and I made a lot of new friends that I have been talking to since and I was sad to say bye to all of them...

Thanks again”  



From The Republic of Ireland



Dear Mr Martinez and Mrs Morea,

I am writing this e-mail in order to thank you for the wonderful week that you offered to my students.I am sure that this seminar will be unforgettable for them not only for the knowledge that each teacher gave them with his own special way but also for your politeness and your warmth.We are already waiting for the next year summer school.

Best regards."



From Greece



"Hi Everyone at the Dance Summer School,A big thank you from Rosie McWilliams and Anna Pitts who both LOVED the dance camp and had a brilliant time!  Thanks to the teachers and all the chaperones and everyone who helped make it such fun and who looked after them so well.


Best wishes for a restful summer"



From the UK


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